Communiqué of the Board of Administration

“The truth shall make you free” Jn 8,32

As the Board of Administration of Syndesmos, we are astonished and saddened by the news about Fr. Christophe D’Aloisio’s suspension from the priestly ministry.

Fr. Christophe served in Syndesmos in different functions for more than a decade. The General Assemblies in 2003 (Albania) and in 2009 (Greece) trusted him with the leadership of our Fellowship. No longer than a year ago he was blessed to participate in the General Assembly in Romania to pass on this ministry to us. His approach to this work was always thorough and caring for the good of the Church. We know Fr. Christophe as a caring pastor and an assiduous and reliable colleague.

We apprehend this decision was hastened and sense that the situation leading to such a heavy sanction lacks clarity and transparency, which are vital when dealing with pastoral issues. An abrupt and unexplained decision to ban an esteemed pastor from performing his duties can only add bitterness to the feelings of the faithful and disappointment to younger believers. We believe that this issue has to be approached with the care “for the stability of the holy churches of God, and for the unity of all” as we pray in every liturgy.

This decision was taken in the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe. The Archdiocese with its great tradition of theological thinking and applied conciliarity, which is the founding principle of Syndesmos, occupies a unique place in the worldwide Orthodoxy. Therefore, we feel closely connected to the Archdiocese and hope for the speedy restoration of peace and trust within this ecclesial community.