Visit of the board to Athens

From the 26th to the 29th of June 2015, two members of the board of administration of Syndesmos (Olga Oleinik and Jean Rehbinder) visited Athens in order to move the archives of Syndesmos from the building of the Symantro Foundation to a temporary storage. We would like to thank the Symantro Foundation for having hosted faithfully the general secretary and the archives for many years. We wish all success to the new initiative of the Foundation for the rooms made available during the visit, which will be used to host students in need, and salute this effort in the difficult times for the greek economy

The visit was the occasion to meet with local member movements of Syndesmos and thus put into practice the recommendation of the last General Assembly of 2014 to reconnect with the members movements. Representatives of three Athenian movements (XFE, St. Gerasimos Youth Center and EPALXIS) were able to join and share about the rich life of these organisations. We could also share about the current situation and challenges faced by Syndesmos and invited the movements to encourage their youth to participate in the next International Youth Festival in Suprasl, Poland.