Syndesmos Festival Crete 2012

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Are there lines between Psychology and the Orthodox faith converging? What about psychotherapy compared to confession?  Should priests have skills in contemporary psychology? Does Psychology challenge the legacy of Church Fathers? Is Psychology the heir to Christian Spirituality? What is the impact of contemporary psychology in the life of the Orthodox Church? Which psyche for the theologian and which psyche for the psychologist? …
       The above questions and others are the ones which are going to be discussed during the Festival in Crete the Syndesmos International Event in Crete, from 28 Aug. to 2 Sept. 2012. We are going to share our thoughts and questions with priests, psychiatrists, psychologists and professors. During this six-day period we are going to share the joy of Christ at the beautiful facilities of the camp “Saint-Paul” of the Holy Diocese of Kydonias (Akrotiri, Chania).  The program will include keynote speeches, discussions in small groups, workshops, role-playing games and common prayer. Moreover, there will be spare time for singing, playing, walking, having a swim in the sea, visiting some picturesque places and relaxing.
          Most of participants of past Syndesmos events can witness of the personal enrichment that you can get and the joy you can live in participating. Indeed, Syndesmos events are a unique occasion to get to know and bound real friendship with young orthodox people from a very wide variety of places, churches, societies, cultures, etc.
        At the end of the event, we will have the opportunity to participate in the Divine Liturgy at the new Monastery of the Transfiguration, which will be celebrated by H.A.H. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople who will come for the inauguration of the new church of the Monastery.

Practical information

Venue: The Orthodox Camp ‘Saint-Paul’ is not far from the airport of Chania (CHQ) with many low-cost and normal flights everyday from all over the world. There is also an airport in Heraklion (HER) and then you can catch the bus to Chania. You can also arrive in Athens and then take the ferry-boat from Piraeus to Chania. Finally, if you are coming from the Balkans, you can arrive by train to Athens and then take the ferry-boat.

Registration fee: 100 € (-40€ to be prepaid just after the comfirmation of your registration)
This amount includes: meals, accommodation and local transport.
The fee does not include: transportation from and to your home country, visa costs and any insurance.
    Bursaries may be available on a case by case basis, on application to the preparatory committee (  Donations to sponsor the event are most welcome!

Arrivals:  Tuesday 28th August
Departures: Sunday 2nd September evening or 3rd September in the morning.

Applications until June 15 2012 to: Download application form.

Feel free to print and spread the poster of the event, downloadable as a pdf.